At IES, we believe our products are your investments. We are here for you to make the most effective use of our products.
With every purchase, you are entitle for 1-2 days FREE training per year - T&C apply.


NEO Basic - Duration: 1/2 day

  • N01: NEO screen layout
  • N02: How to run NEO reports
  • N03: Chart features
  • N04: Table features
  • N05: Export results from NEO
  • N06: Global search
  • N07: Using some of NEO objects (Favourites, Themes, Batch Run, etc.)
  • N08: Event View and error reporting

NEO Intermediate - Duration: 1/2 day

  • N09: Add, modify and delete NEO objects
  • N10: Create report using exisiting variables
  • N11: Report styling
  • N12: Creating favourites

NEO Advanced - Duration: 1 day

  • N13: Create variables with SQL query
  • N14: Running and debuging variables
  • N15: Reports with variables
  • N16: How to setup Batch run and Document run
  • N17: Go through other NEO objects

NEO Admin - Duration: 1/2 day

  • N18: NEO Installation
  • N19: Configuring NEO and the databases
  • N20: Object importers
  • N21: Security


NEOpoint Training - Duration: 1/2 day

  • NP01: Selecting Favourites, running reports, chart/table, start date, period, period codes
  • NP02: freezing, steps, backtrack and report history, event view, themes
  • NP03: Interactive dashboard building, save as HTML
  • NP04: Data services, example with Excel
  • NP05: Setup Alerts
  • NP06: NEOpoint mobile app

Query Tool

Query Tool Training - Duration: 30 mins

  • Q01: Installation and initial use
  • Q02: Open connection, view schemas and tables
  • Q03: Instant SELECT statement from tables, run SQL Query
  • Q04: Export results
  • Q05: Design view, event view

Custom Training

We can cater bespoke training courses tailored to the customer's requirements. Customer can choose and combine subjects from courses above.

We also offer "Refresher" training courses for our existing customers, for example NEO Refresher training may consist of Revisiting any subjects from previous NEO training and or going through new features in the latest NEO.