Query large data-sets

Query tool has been designed to query large data-sets and handle millions of rows of data. All queries are run asynchronously and can be stopped. Double clicking a table automatically creates a select all query and runs it with the number of rows optionally limited to 10,000.

Data sources

Connect to different data sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, MySQL, etc.

Edit view

Optionally edit data returned from any query, even ones with joins and where clauses. The only proviso is that the name of the column matches column in the first table in the query and that the columns returned include the primary key columns.

Schema view

Shows details of a table's columns including meta data information on each column. For AEMO's MMS, meta data includes comments on each column as set by AEMO.

Export data

After running a query, you have the option to export your data to a CSV file.

Sorting/Searching data

Query results can be sorted quickly on any column without re-running the query. The data can also be quickly searched.

QUERY TOOL in action

Query View showing data returned from a query.

Schema view showing schema of a table with all columns and metadata.