QueryTool is a powerful database interrogation tool that enables you to query tables from various database systems in one convenient place.

Large Data Sets

Specially designed to retrieve very large data-sets, handling millions of rows of data with ease.

It makes use of advanced caching and pre-fetching techniques, allowing you to scroll through enormous data results in real time.

Database Connections

Connect to many different data management systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or even a NEOpoint server hosted by IES.

Quick Table Info/Edit Data

View the first 10,000 rows of a table with a simple double-click, and directly edit the values from the results panel.

Query and Schema Views

At the click of a button, Query Tool enables you either examine the metadata for any table, or view a query and its results on the same page.

Export Data

After running a query, you have the option to export your data to a CSV file.

Sorting/Searching Data

The results of any query can be sorted by any column without re-executing the query, and you can easily search using any desired string.

QUERY TOOL in action

Query View showing data returned from a query.

Schema view showing schema of a table with all columns and metadata.

What Do You Get?

Query Tool is available as an optional add-on for certain customers.

For customers who hold a NEO site license with their own NEOpoint server, there is NO NEED to install any database drivers, as Query Tool can connect to web services.

The great advantage of this is that Query Tool can be run off-site, with all queries that are run, logged as a complete audit trial on the NEOpoint server.


Bundled with a NEO Site License, Query Tool is provided for FREE. Contact Intelligent Energy Systems today for a quote to introduce Query Tool at your organization.