Intelligent Energy Systems (IES) provides a managed Cloud Data Service (CDS) which enables energy organisations to deploy Australian electricity & gas databases within a data centre, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In basic terms the customer creates and maintains an account directly with GCP and engages IES to manage the data on their behalf. IES has a high speed connection to AEMO and uses that to populate the customer's database. This connection can be used to load both public and private data. The default database type deployed in GCP is MySQL.


IES provides data models with retention periods as a standard package. The retention period of each table in the same model can vary in order to keep all useful data as much as possible and minimise the cost.

The database includes, but not limited to, the following public data:

  • Electricity Market Management Systems (EMMS)
  • Gas market bulletin board (GBB)
  • Gas supply hubs (GSH)
  • Short Term Trading Market (STTM)
  • Victorian declared wholesale gas market (DWGM) models.

We can also integrate and store your private data into the CDS server.

CDS also comes with the following services:

  • Data models upgrade. We will do any database upgrade released for the databases.
  • Data processing monitor. IES will setup a number of process monitoring on the Windows Server on GCP to ensure the data processing is reliable.
  • Database instance monitor. We will set up alerting and notification policies with rich visualisation and advanced alerting to monitoring CPU, RAM, storage & uptime of the database server.
  • Database backup & recovery. Database backup will be scheduled when the instance hsa the least activity. In the unlikely event of database failure, we will restore it with the latest image.
  • AEMO VPN connection maintenance. We will monitor and maintain the VPN connection between AEMO FTP Server and the database server, to ensure the connection is stable.
  • Data Loader update. Our software development team is continually developing data loader tool to meet any new requirements to process other databases (e.g. STTM, DWGM, etc.).
  • Unlimited telephone & email support. You can log your requests and support call via telephone and/or email and our support team will be there to assist.